We believe that technological performance, client satisfaction and the competitive quality of our products and services, along with mastery of our impact on the environment are what contribute to our longevity.

Our CSR* policy focuses on three points: ensuring our production is in harmony with the local ecosystem, improving our products with ecological concepts and awareness of our employee’s needs.

Eco-design is a mainstay of development, in which everything pertaining to product development and manufacturing is achieved with a goal of sustainability:

  • Technical innovations, designed using recycled material and non-plastic materials (ex: “COMP’STEEL” innovation in ballasting).
  • Innovative and mutualist manufacturing processes, which reduce the carbon footprint of our products (ex: our “FLEX” assembly line). The use of non-polluting materials and manufacturing techniques, which avoid discarding waste during their various processes.
  • Product designs that are less energy intensive to manufacture: managing wall thickness , minimizing the injection sprue size or using hot runners in our injection molds.
  • Recycling our waste internally: directly identifying material that can be recycled in our factories (recycling waste, control of purged matter, eliminating ).

Our commitment to the local ecosystem, refers to the relationship developed with the local population near our production sites:

 In our factories – by collecting and recycling waste, and also by using as much natural light as possible in the work space (installing light shafts, sky-lights, large windows).

  • In our administrative offices – reducing our use of energy by redistributing heat generated by the manufacturing process.
  • Daily, in all of our activities – reducing the use of printing (using internet), “no paper factory” optimizing the use of our chauffeur for internal and urgent deliveries.

Our concern for the well-being of our employees is shown by the attention we give to their safety and the prevention of accidents in the workplace.

We also invest in their training and enhancement of their skills.

Our “Quality Management Group” (QMG control) introduced this process, which will eventually lead to the creation of an environmental management system, universally used by all of our employees at all of our manufacturing sites.

* Corporate Sustainable Responsibility